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Ignite Your Drive, Discover Your Path to Lasting Motivation and Life Transformation

Is a lack of motivation stalling your progress? Break through the barriers with my "How to Find Your Motivation Masterclass." Unlock the secrets to sustained drive and embrace a journey toward personal excellence and fulfillment.

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What You’ll Gain From This MasterClass


Discovering Your Personal 'Why'

Learn proven techniques to harness your anger and turn it into productive energy.


🌟 Setting and Achieving Goals

Regain your confidence by conquering your anger. You’ll stand tall and poised in any situation.


🌟 Overcoming Motivation Blockers

Say goodbye to outbursts that strain your relationships. Discover how to communicate calmly and effectively.


🌟 Cultivating Self-Discipline

Experience the incredible relief of reduced stress and anxiety. Your health and well-being deserve this transformation.


🌟 Maintaining Momentum

Led by an experienced behavioural change specialist, my masterclass provides insights you won’t find elsewhere.

Why Choose this MasterClass?

💡 Affordable Excellence

For just £29, you gain access to life-changing knowledge worth its weight in gold.

💡 Self-Paced & On-Demand

Learn and process in your own time and re-watch the content anytime and anywhere. 

💡 Immediate Access

Begin your journey to anger control instantly with our on-demand masterclass.

💡 Actionable Information

  • No-nonsense information

  • Tangible and actionable

  • 60 minute-ish masterclass

  • 8 short videos

  • Growth Worksheets

Artist at Work

Don't let a lack of motivation hold you back.

Seize the day and invest in your future. Join my "How to Find Your Motivation Masterclass" now and uncover the keys to unwavering drive and personal success.

🔥 Don’t miss this opportunity! Click the “Enroll Now” button and start your journey to a more motivated, energized you 🔥

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My Motivation Story

My Motivation

Johnny can you pop some text here please.....

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How to Find Your Motivation Masterclass 

What to Expect


About You

I share and explain my ideas and concepts concerning the three states of being and my four stages of behavioural change and how they are helpful towards creating change.

Don't Let Fear Hold You Back

I cover the ten most common emotional fears, and the problems that lie in labelling yourself.

How Fear Can Show Up

For most people, this section is where the powerful value is held. This section usually results in a penny-drop moment. Understanding how fear can show up in its many forms is a game-changing aspect of learning how to find your motivation.

What Is Motivation

During this section, I'll explain all about motivation itself and provide you with a worksheet to help you find your why, as well as giving you the low down on my six E's of motivation.

When Goals Break Down

This section is key to getting to grips with your mindset and figuring out where your motivation is coming from and if it is aligned with you. We'll other uncover the method on how to pair the two together. 

How To Do Acceptance

One of the key take aways to round up the masterclass and a core aspect of finding your motivation, you'll learn about the four steps towards acceptance.

What People Are Saying...

“So much info shared in one session! Really helpful to define and understand primary and secondary emotions, lots of practices to help deal with them, supporting worksheets to help apply them. Loved it!"

Faye Marshall

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