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How To Find Your Motivation


The "How to Find Your Motivation" masterclass, evolving over three years, began as a pandemic response and has since expanded. Understanding motivation is crucial; it's not just about feeling energised but also about commitment to personal promises. Why do we fail to follow through on commitments like waking up early or quitting smoking? This masterclass addresses these critical questions by exploring the interplay between fear, motivation, and acceptance. Learn how motivation drives you, fear holds you back, and acceptance can free you. Key Takeaways: > Master Your Motivation: Unlock your inner drive to overcome challenges and achieve your goals. Discover how understanding motivation can be your greatest tool for success. > Identify What Holds You Back: Uncover the barriers to your progress and learn strategies to break free, paving the way for personal growth and achievement. >Tackle Fear-Based Resistance: Address the roots of procrastination, imposter syndrome, and other fears. Learn actionable steps to conquer these obstacles and move forward confidently. > Motivation Tool Box: Access a variety of worksheets and resources designed to help you navigate and overcome motivational challenges. > Goal Breakdown Strategies: Learn to deconstruct your goals into achievable steps, making success more attainable and less overwhelming. By joining, you'll gain insights into managing and sustaining motivation, overcoming fears, and achieving your objectives more effectively. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your approach to motivation and start realizing your full potential.

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