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Discover topics surrounding self-development, mental health, business, psychology, neuroscience, health and fitness, trauma, and addiction.

I speak to experts and specialists who have overcome life-changing experiences. We reveal how their passion and mastery provide actionable knowledge to help people accept and develop themselves.

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Featured Episode

Narcissism, trauma-bonding & neuro-divergence with Caroline Strawson

In this episode, the self-development coach Johnny Lawrence interviews narcissism expert Caroline Strawson. They discuss the overuse and misinterpretation of the term 'narcissist' in society, the impact of narcissistic abuse as a form of domestic abuse, and the importance of understanding narcissism from a trauma-informed perspective. Caroline shares her personal journey of healing from narcissistic abuse and how she transitioned from being a podiatrist to a trauma-informed therapist and coach. They also explore the concept of post-traumatic growth and the complexities of narcissism, including the covert narcissist and the role of trauma in narcissistic behaviour. In this conversation, Caroline and Johnny discuss the dynamics of narcissistic relationships and the impact of narcissistic abuse. They explore the concept of mirror neurons and how people in relationships with narcissists often exhibit narcissistic traits themselves as a means of self-protection. They also discuss the concept of trauma bonding and the physiological addiction that can develop in toxic relationships. Caroline emphasises the importance of strategy and support in healing from narcissistic abuse. She highlights the need to honour and express emotions, such as anger and sadness, healthily. They also touch on the differences between neurodivergence and narcissism.

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