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Change Your Relationship with Anger, Unlock Inner Peace and Transform Your Life

Are anger issues holding you back? It’s time to take control and break free from the chains of anger. My “How to Control Your Anger Masterclass” is your key to a calmer, more fulfilling life.

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What You’ll Gain From This MasterClass


🌟 Master Your Emotions

Learn proven techniques to harness your anger and turn it into productive energy.


🌟 Self-Confidence

Regain your confidence by conquering your anger. You’ll stand tall and poised in any situation.


🌟 Healthy Relationships

Say goodbye to outbursts that strain your relationships. Discover how to communicate calmly and effectively.


🌟 Stress Reduction

Experience the incredible relief of reduced stress and anxiety. Your health and well-being deserve this transformation.


🌟 Expert Guidance

Led by an experienced behavioural change specialist, my masterclass provides insights you won’t find elsewhere.

Why Choose this MasterClass?

💡 Affordable Excellence

For just £29, you gain access to life-changing knowledge worth its weight in gold.

💡 Self-Paced & On-Demand

Learn and process in your own time and re-watch the content anytime and anywhere. 

💡 Immediate Access

Begin your journey to anger control instantly with our on-demand masterclass.

💡 Actionable Information

  • Nonsense information

  • Tangible and actionable

  • 60 minute-ish masterclass

  • 8 short videos

  • Growth Worksheets

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Don’t Let Anger Define Your Life.

Take action now and invest in your well-being. Enroll in my “How to Control Your Anger Masterclass” today and discover the path to a happier, more composed you.

🔥 Don’t miss this opportunity! Click the “Enroll Now” button and embark on your transformational journey. 🔥

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My Anger Story

My Anger Story

I've had a complicated relationship with anger and rage. As a witness to domestic violence and a survivor of physical child abuse, I grew up being hurt and watching the people I loved being hurt, and I felt utterly helpless. 


As the years went by, I became a father myself. That long-standing question of why my father did that became how could he do that? That's when the suppressed anger started to surface.


My anger was an inward experience that I tried to avoid by using alcohol. This strategy was unsustainable but brought to the surface a necessity for change. 


This started a lifelong self-development process that has allowed me to spend time with, work with, and sit under the learning tree of some of the world's greatest thinkers. 


I've been helping, encouraging and supporting people for over a decade and a half, have collected a lifetime of education and experience and am now enjoying a life focused on family, free from alcohol and living my purpose. Part of my work is teaching people helpful perspectives and tools to manage stress and anger.


By signing up for this masterclass, you're not admitting to being angry, having anger issues, or being out of control. Regulating difficult emotions is a necessary part of any successful self-development process.


I have drawn from my techniques and knowledge mastered through both my experiences and the real-life case studies provided by coaching clientele and combined it with my formal education as a certified behavioural change coach and created this masterclass.

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How to Control your Anger Masterclass 

What to Expect


About You

I share and explain my ideas and concepts concerning the three states of self and my four stages of behavioural change and how they are helpful towards creating change.

Defining Anger

It’s tough to learn, understand and implement action-based strategies to achieve the desired solution or outcome if you do not have a clear definition of the problem.

Primary & Secondary Emotions

For most people, this section is where the powerful value is held. This section usually results in a penny-drop moment. Understanding how primary and secondary emotions work is a game-changing aspect of learning about anger.

Understanding Your Anger

During this section, I'll explain how our ego can contribute to our resistance to change, how anger can become suppressed and the multiple ways that anger can be weaponised against you via manipulation.

Validating Your Anger

This might be the most crucial section of the masterclass. This is the part where you begin to understand how vital it is to be honest with yourself, learn to listen to your inner committee, emotionally regulate and reframe and work on your anger accent.

Helpful Perspectives

I'll discuss the impact of the five C’s and what can be learned from the three bowls experiment.

Your Toolbox

This section offers helpful tools to manage your anger at different stages of that anger.

What People Are Saying...

“So much info shared in one session! Really helpful to define and understand primary and secondary emotions, lots of practices to help deal with them, supporting worksheets to help apply them. Loved it!"

Faye Marshall

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